Is Your “Help” Harmful?


Thought for today…..

Helping from a place of love is accepting others where they are as they are. When we decide what others need to work on and try to manipulate them we become part of the perpetuation of the pain and the message they have always received that something is “wrong” with them. They are not “good enough” as they are.

When we accept others as they are instead of being irritated they are not where or as we think they should be we are not offering “helpful help”. “Helpful help” allows grace for where they are with love (acceptance for who they are). Unhelpful help? Always conveys an energy that says “I know what is wrong with you, what you need and you are less than me because I’m so good and got it all together”. We come off as wanting to help but really? We want them to change instead of waiting for them to want to change.

Helpful help? Is always help that is asked for, not assumed.

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